Value Add Solutions

The following section is a list of solutions L6 Technology is able to include that add a tremendous amount of value to our support service. L6 Technology maintains staff with experience and expertise in many advanced technologies. This eliminates the need for advanced technology vendors and dramatically reduces the costs for our customers. In many cases costs can be reduced by as much as 70%. The following solutions are included in this support proposal.

Website Hosting

L6 Technology’s fast, redundant cloud WordPress LightSpeed hosting is included in our core services. We do not do development of websites. This is only hosting and backup.

Free migration for WordPress based sites to new hosting.

Daily backup with one click restores.

Distributed hosting across multiple data centers

Analytic scheduled reports

Available ADA compatible templates

Additional services available

Digital Signage

The L6 Technology digital signage solution is designed to make advertising simple for your organization. Content creation is simple and integrated with Google slides to make presentations for your displays easy. L6 Technology includes the following digital signage services with our technology support.

Free migration for WordPress based sites to new hosting.

Daily backup with one click restores.

Distributed hosting across multiple data centers

IP Surveillance

L6 Technology includes a cost-effective robust IP surveillance solution with support. Features include: high-definition cameras that are crystal clear for a fraction of the cost. Mobile phone view and easy to retrieve recordings when needed.

System design and planning

Configuration and deployment of IP Recorder with cameras

Mobile phone view setup

Main station TV setup

Operator training

VoIP Communications

The L6 Technology cloud VoIP service is designed to provide our customers with a full featured, enterprise-level communications system at a fraction of the cost.

All the effort to implement and manage the VoIP system is included.

The following VoIP services are included in the L6 Technology support agreement.

Planning and system design to migrate from your existing system

Programming and deployment of the VoIP system

User training on the new system

Full support of the VoIP system

The end result of the L6 Cloud VoIP communications solution is a dramatic reduction in cost when compared to the popular VoIP service providers’ costs. This value added solution from L6 Technology is just one of many ways we help our customers reduce their overall technology costs.

The following is a highlight of features included in our cloud VoIP service.

Browser based phone and work center

911 functionality with alerting

Full featured web video meetings

Chat collaboration with groups

SMS messaging in web chat

Presence to see who is available and who is busy

Work from home or office with the same functionality

Integration to O365 or Google workspace

Android and Apple Apps for cell phones

Voicemail transcribed to E-Mail

Paging system integration