Technology Assessment

A complete review of the state of your organization's technology.

What's Included In the


Strategy & Planning

Review of your organization's current technology plan, goals, processes and policies. This helps identify the strategy and how proactive the organization is.


A review of how efficient the technology is at your organization both at the systems level and from the users perspective.


Wired and wireless networks are assessed for speed, reliability and current best practice designs specific to the size of your organization.


Every major area of cybersecurity is reviewed, comparing your organization's current approach and expectations, along with any legislation and insurance related mandates.


Datacenters and systems in production used to run your organization including servers, virtualization, backups, etc. are reviewed and assessed.

Cloud Services

How your organization utilizes and integrates cloud services. Google workspace, Microsoft O365, Azure, Intune, and other cloud based systems

Technology Spending

Understanding past spending to identify potential areas of cost savings. Many times duplication of solutions or more cost effective potential options are discovered.

What can you expect

during the assessment?

How We

Analyze Our Findings

What's Included in

the Final Report

Your organization will receive a comprehensive report detailing our findings. Any concerns found will be ranked by severity with an explanation of why the ranking was given.

  • If areas of potential improvement are found,
    recommendations from our experts will be included
    to help with future planning.

  • Highlights of the staff survey will be presented
    anonymously within the survey to help leadership
    understand the staff’s sentiment.

  • The final report is designed to be easy to read and
    understood by leadership.

Benefits You Get

From The Assessment

Identify potential issues you did not realize existed

Insight on alternative solutions

Insight for future planning

Validate existing plans or strategies

Transparent staff sentiment on technology