Management & Support

All inclusive IT management and support

Systems Level

Systems level IT support is designed for organizations with existing IT staff. All L6 Technology systems support features are included. Workstation and end user support is NOT included.. This is ideal for organizations that want to enhance the experience and resources of their existing team.

IT Department

L6 Technology becomes your IT department. Your organization will have a proactive driven tech department to handle everything technology related. Our highly efficient team will create a secure, reliable IT environment you can be proud of. Professional friendly end user support is included.

To Start

At the onset of a client partnership, the L6 Technology team performs a thorough evaluation of your organization's technology.

This evaluation is designed to identify risks or issues that need to be addressed. Working closely with the client, a strategic plan is created with a roadmap to transition your organization into a high functioning technology environment. The strategic plan will be designed with full consideration of the organization's IT budget.

L6 Technology has years of experience designing and implementing high functioning technology environments at a cost that smaller organizations can afford.

L6 Technology invests in their customers from the very beginning. As part of a multi year agreement your strategic plan will be implemented as quickly as possible with minimal impact to the users.

Strategic IT Services

The following is an overview of L6 Technology’s focus areas used to help our customers become more proactive with technology. A proactive approach is proven to be more effective and cost efficient. The following areas are all included in our support services.

Technology Planning

L6 will assist in the following areas: 

Strategic IT planning

IT budget preparation

Sustainability planning

Alternate solution justification

Vendor comparisons

Asset rotation

Cloud vs. on-premises analysis

Design modernization identification

What We Offer


L6 Technology’s team approach ensures that someone will always be available to help. You never have to worry again about employee turnover, vacations, or sick days again. L6 Technology can help with hiring and training new employees should the need arise. Clear concise documentation ensures everyone is on the same page.

Proven Solutions

L6 Technology is continuously evaluating new and different approaches for every area of technology. Extensive research has gone into finding cost effective solutions that provide our customers the most value. This insight is shared with our customers to help with more informed decision making and successful outcomes.

Cost Avoidance

L6 Technology will regularly review IT spending to optimize savings. Every year L6 Technology will review current spending using a zero-based budgeting approach. Our team regularly identifies duplicate costs, solutions that are not sized properly, products with overlapping features and even services that are no longer being used resulting in cost savings to your organization

Vendor Management

L6 Technology will aid in negotiating new contracts, opening tickets for advanced vendor support, working with the ISP to resolve issues/make planned changes, license management, cell vendor management and warranty management.

Purchasing (We do not sell product)

L6 Technology does not sell products. We focus 100% on servicing our customers. L6 Technology makes value-based recommendations on products and solutions you can trust. The L6 Technology team helps your organization identify the best pricing. By not selling products, our customers can be rest assured that our recommendations are in their best interest.

Technical IT Services

The following is an overview of the primary areas of technology for your organization. All areas of technology are included in the L6 Technology support agreement.

Datacenter Servers

Our services include the support of the datacenter to manage the back-end services and applications that require the server to function. This includes physical servers, virtualization, backups, power, and environmental issues. The data center consists of all the equipment and software needed for running the back-end systems that support the users.

Network & Wi-Fi

L6 Technology uses best practice strategies in the design of Network switching and Wi-Fi to maximize both their performance and reliability. This includes virtual networks and advanced wireless design to ensure coverage. The network will also be prioritized for voice and video.

Cyber Security

All aspects of cybersecurity are included. L6 Technology will design and maintain a constantly evolving cybersecurity strategy to protect your organization.

Cloud Services

Cloud services are off premise and connected to through the internet. Cloud is often the best approach as it reduces the need for equipment at your locations. User email and workspaces are the most common services in the cloud with Microsoft O365 and Google Workspace being the largest two cloud service providers. Compute providers like AWS, Digital Ocean and others can help move even more to the cloud. Microsoft O365 also has advanced management and security functionality with Intune. Our arsenal includes all cloud services that make sense and fit our customers.

Projects and Initiatives

L6 Technology looks at projects to modernize and improve technology as an investment in your organization. Remember, keeping your organization’s technology current benefits L6 Technology too. Easier to use, more reliable technology is easier to support. Less issues leads to happy customers and less time required to support the end users.

Monitoring Center

L6 Technology’s Monitoring Center tracks each customers’ network performance, change management, patch management, configuration management, remote cloud backup and more. Alerts for system outages or issues can be customized to include organization staff immediately or delayed, or at specific times if needed.

Support Desk

The L6 Technology support desk is a custom system that has been designed and integrated into everything we do. The system includes a customer web portal for management and insight into any issues or requests submitted to our team. We have integrated change management, analytics, and a common FAQ area for user self-help. L6 Technology is invested in continually evolving our portal to make things easier and add more value for our customers’ benefit.