Government Specialty

L6 Technology has extensive experience working with park districts and villages and understands that government is held to the highest standard. L6 Technology not only recognizes this, but acts on it as a matter of practice in servicing all of our clients.

Moreover, knowing that technology can be complex and intricate, L6 Technology makes it a priority to clearly communicate the details of our work with our clients. Solutions might be complicated, but taking the time to communicate and ensure our clients understand, is standard in how we operate.

Reliability is paramount when it comes to technology, especially when good governance is concerned. L6 Technology understands the importance of being accountable, and therefore our help desk response time and resolution is unmatched. Our technicians and engineers are ready when you need them.


Understanding the uniqueness of governmental agencies, we offer expertise in Registration, Point of Sale, Financial Management and Payroll Processing Systems including these listed below:

Registration/Point of Sale

• Vermont Systems

RecTrac - On premise and cloud based registration system

PayTrac - Single-source payment system within RecTrac

WebTrac - Pnline registration system within RecTrac

MainTrac - Maintenance ticket tracking system

GolfTrac - Tee Time reservation system

• ActiveNet (Formerly Class)

Cloud based registration system

Financial Management Systems

• BS & A (on premise and cloud based financial system)

General Ledger module

Purchase Order Module

Accounts Payables Module

Budgeting Module

• Tyler Technologies (cloud based financial systems)

Payroll Processing Systems (Cloud Based)

• Paylocity

• Paycom


In support of the special needs of governmental agencies, we offer the following expertise in addition to our standard support services

Seasonal set up/take down of technology equipment for service and revenue generating facilities, such as golf courses, aquatic parks and other recreational venues.

Registration/Point of Sale/Financial Management Systems, including familiarity with the list of software systems below.

Security Camera and surveillance systems including researching effective and affordable systems and managing their installation, while also performing staff training on their use.

How Our Governmental

Approach Stands Apart

Like most businesses, government relies heavily on Information Technology to effectively conduct its work. Having IT systems that are consistently functioning properly and monitored for any type of compromise (cybersecurity) is vital to its operations. At the onset of any engagement, L6 Technology heavily invests in time and resources needed to conduct an analysis of the IT infrastructure to determine where things can be improved and/or fortified to minimize any breach. Because we have extensive experience in government, we can relate to the needs of the client and apply solutions that they can benefit greatly from.

Quite often, we find that governmental clients are overpaying for systems or that the systems in place are not best practice or not properly implemented in order to take advantage of many notable features. We are specialists in customization and in making our governmental clients’ IT reliable, relatable and robust.

But it does not stop there. L6 Technology is pro-active throughout any governmental contract. We see it as our responsibility to not just improve and monitor a government's IT, but to constantly work on advancing it. This requires collaboration with the client to develop a strategic long-term IT plan. Once a plan is established, it is our role to constantly revisit and adjust it as technology evolves and the client’s needs change. Having a flexible IT plan permits our clients the freedom and confidence needed to stay ahead of the IT curve. Our track record demonstrates this is a matter of common practice at L6 Technology