About Us

L6 Technology is designed from the ground up to help smaller organizations achieve sustainable high functioning technology.

Technology needs to be easy to use and reliable to be effective. The user experience needs to be transparent and not disrupted.

Our History

L6 Technology began providing technology services and support for clients in 1997. Our philosophy has always centered around justification of IT solutions based on an overall value vs. cost. Over time, we realized that newer, more complex solutions at the back end dramatically increased performance and reliability for our customers. As a company, we focused intently on developing a comprehensive team of experts specializing in all major areas of technology. As a result, our team operates at a very high level and is very efficient at what they do. Multiple Chicago area IT support companies use L6 Technology as an escalation point for more challenging issues and help with advanced technologies today.

A key factor we learned early on was to be proactive and analyze the root cause of problems and design a permanent solution. This enabled us to drastically reduce the effort required to support our customers. Instead of reacting to problems, we eliminate them from ever happening in the first place. Our continuous refinement of this approach has made it possible for our team to lower reported issues by as much as 70% for our customers. This is beneficial for everyone and easy to measure.

By partnering with L6 Technology, you will gain a proactive team to support your organization and help make technology transparent to your users. You will have unlimited access to solution architects that are proficient in all major areas of IT. Our proactive team will continue to dedicate the time to understand your needs and

suggest potential options in a clear, concise and non-technical way. Helping our customers make informed decisions they understand is important. Building trust by repeating success is what builds long term relationships. L6 Technology works hard to continue building that relationship with your organization.

Technology is advancing faster than it ever has. The ability to be nimble and take advantage of new innovations is much easier when you have a team of experts on your side. L6 Technology has a team solely dedicated to reviewing and validating new solutions. We regularly solve problems for our customers with solutions they never knew existed. Deployment of new technologies is fast because we have done it before. Thus, the cost and risk associated with advancing the technology in your organization is greatly reduced.

Our Culture

L6 Technology believes in building trust-based partnerships with our customers. Many steps are taken to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.

Maintain and provide a highly skilled and experienced team of technology experts specializing in all aspects technology.

Share our team of multiple experts with our customers for a much lower cost than hiring employees with equal proficiencies.

Never sell products. Help our customers with trusted proven advice.

Share our team’s knowledge of proven strategies and solutions for high functioning, simple to use, efficient, and reliable technology.

Plan, design, and implement modern, efficient technology solutions by upgrading existing legacy systems while maintaining - minimal impact on the users.

Collaborate with and train existing technology staff on existing and new updated solutions. Leverage our insight into purchasing to help find and negotiate better pricing for our customers.

Proactive collaborative long-term strategy planning to keep technology up to current standards with a predictable budget.

Generate more savings for our customers than we charge in perpetuity.

L6 Technology


There are numerous benefits you will enjoy from L6 Technology’s unique approach: 

You will have a proven and documented strategy that encompasses every area of technology over the next five years.

Your technology team will consist of multiple experienced experts that already know the path to successful outcomes.

Reduction of the risk associated with staff turnover and the concerns about hiring potentially unqualified technology employees for critical roles.

All projects and initiatives will be planned and managed by your new combined team ensuring the big picture of your technology is adhered to.

Vendor costs for projects and consulting are eliminated because your new team has the expertise to accomplish all technology goals.

Guaranteed reduction in technology issues resulting in increased staff satisfaction and helping staff retention.

Reduction or reallocation of technology support staff because of more reliable and simplified solutions.