What Makes Us Unique

L6 does not sell product. We focus 100% on servicing our customers. We make value based recommendations you can trust. The L6 team helps your organization identify the best pricing.

L6 does not just sit back and support your technology. We include all the technical work to modernize and transform your organization to todays standards.

Our proactive approach is mutually beneficial. Less problems equals happy users and less effort for our technicians once remediation and modernization is complete.

Flat Fee All Inclusive Pricing Includes

What Can I Expect?

Everything starts with an assessment and a plan.

Our team will perform an assessment of your current technology and workflow. From our findings a collaborative plan and timeline will be designed that fits your budget and goals. Once everyone is in agreement we immediately begin work on modernizing your technology and improving the overall environment. A majority of the planned work happens at the front end of the agreed timeline. As we progress our team tracks the reduction in technology issues and improved performance  realized from our efforts. Our team is constantly evaluating new solutions with the goal of continuous proactive improvements for our customers.