What Makes Us Unique

Flat Fee All Inclusive Pricing Includes

Proactively Modernizing a Legacy Approach

Overall Technology Costs 60%
Technology Advancements 95%

Modernizing a legacy approach reduces overall cost and provides more comprehensive solutions for your workforce. From updating infrastructure design to implementing more cost effective, efficient solutions the impact can be enormous. New innovative solutions and cloud based services with the right strategy are just some of the tools we use. Our flat fee pricing structure allows our team to approach proactive change without adding additional cost. Increased reliability, performance, and efficiency are automatically by products of these efforts. The end result is mutually beneficial. We have many real world examples of achieved results we are happy to share. We save most customers much more than we cost.

What Can I Expect?

Everything starts with an assessment and a plan.

Our team will perform an assessment of your current technology and workflow. From our findings a collaborative plan and timeline will be designed that fits your budget and goals. Once everyone is in agreement we immediately begin work on modernizing your technology and improving the overall environment. A majority of the planned work happens at the front end of the agreed timeline. As we progress our team tracks the reduction in technology issues and improved performance  realized from our efforts. Our team is constantly evaluating new solutions with the goal of continuous proactive improvements for our customers.

Technology Proficiencies

The following are some of the technologies included with our support and management

Cloud Solutions

Office 365 – Google Apps

IT Infrastructure

Network – WiFi – Servers

Remote Workforce

VPN – Single Sign On


VoIP – Video Conferencing